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Tues, 1/27 - Submissions for the Feb RATT are due

Sun, 2/22 - Brave the Blizzard 5k Snowshoe Race

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    Happy Birthday to: Denise Gonder , Karen Korotzer, Ben Syden, kate mcelroy
    Today's Member Anniversaries: Kyle Millington (10 years), Deanne Webster (9 years), Michael Miller (6 years), Mary Whittredge (5 years), Beth Bidstrup (1 year)
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    1/25/15:HMRRC WS #4: 3m
    1/25/15:HMRRC WS #4: 15k
    1/25/15:HMRRC WS #4: 30k
    1/11/15:HMRRC WS #3: 3 Mile
    1/11/15:Walt Disney World Marathon - NY Finishers Only
    Today in the ARE
    5:45 PM: Around Albany (7m, 7:15 pace)
    Currently in Albany: Light Snow & 17.0°
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    2/01/2015: Saratoga Winterfest 5K Snowshoe Race
    2/01/2015: 5k Triple Crown Hospice Run
    2/07/2015: Beer & Chili 5k/10k run/walk
    2/15/2015: Camp Saratoga 8K Snowshoe Race
    2/22/2015: Brave the Blizzard 5k Snowshoe Race (ARE Event)
    2/28/2015: CF Stair Climb
    3/08/2015: Celebrate Life Half Marathon

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